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How does occupational accident insurance work for truckers?

How does occupational accident insurance work for truckers? The trucking industry is a vital lifeline for the United States, with truckers serving as the lifeblood that keeps the nation running smoothly. Comprising thousands of dedicated workers, many of whom are owner-operators, this workforce is responsible for transporting 80% of the goods that every American relies on daily, journeying from coast to coast.
Navigating the diverse roads, often congested, wet from rain, unstable due to snow, and laden with hundreds of dangerous curves while contending with winds and the drivers’ fatigue, exposes them to real dangers. That’s precisely why those in the transportation sector leverage various insurance coverages to safeguard cargo, assets, and financial well-being.
Yet, amidst these considerations, a significantly essential coverage often goes unnoticed—the occupational accident insurance for owner-operators of trucks. While most employees nationwide are safeguarded by Workers’ Compensation insurance, addressing job-related injuries and illnesses, occupational accident insurance provides truckers with medical coverage in case of accidents. It extends protection for disabilities, death benefits, or dismemberment occurring in the workplace.
Some policies even offer additional benefits for work-related illnesses tied to the trucking industry. Although not mandated by law, many transport companies may require this coverage as a prerequisite for hiring owner-operators. This requirement isn’t arbitrary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers surpass the rate of fatal workplace injuries by seven times compared to other professions. Additionally, truckers tend to be absent from work three times more than the average across other occupations due to the non-fatal injuries and illnesses they endure.
For independent truckers keen on understanding the detailed benefits of this coverage, reaching out to the specialized agents at Univista Insurance is the best step forward. They’ll guide you toward the most comprehensive and cost-effective insurance package, protecting your business. How does occupational accident insurance work for truckers?

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