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How our addictions impact insurance?

How does our addiction to action impact insurance? We are a species that always looks for action. The danger raises our blood pressure, makes our hearts beat faster, raises our body temperature, even makes our limbs tingle. In fact, an adrenaline rush makes us feel the same as love.

Sometimes we satiate our craving to feel danger through speed. The same feeling that a roller coaster causes can be replicated by driving a car at 80 or 90 miles per hour. Pushing the pedal sends a direct signal to the brain, which in turn pumps the veins with adrenaline. This results in drivers flying through the streets, with dilated pupils and open airways, seeing the world in 4D. In other words: feeling alive.

A method of gratification so simple that it often leads to addiction.

Many of us know this friend who is looking for challenges to have an injection of adrenaline. Whoever does not have such a friend, he is “the friend.”

Speeding puts the adrenaline junkie and people unlucky enough to be on your way in danger.

The empty streets left by the quarantine only encourage this activity. The Herald-Tribune reported that drivers go as high as 90 miles per hour on Florida’s highways, a much higher speed than before house confinement. These drivers have been victims of addiction as old as humanity and your best option is to act responsibly.

The easiest way to do this is with the help of Univista Insurance. Your professional agents know the best way to protect you and your vehicle from those who seek too much action. Call Univista Insurance and confirm that you really are protected for roads from quarantine.

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