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How much is a life worth?

A life can cost from $ 300 to many millions. Depending on who you are, where you live and the circumstance in which the transaction occurs. If you are kidnapped, the price of your life will be put by the criminals who have caught you. If you are one of the African migrants waiting in the Libyan slave market to be auctioned, the price of your life will be between $ 200 and $ 500. As denounced in 2017 by the International Immigration Organization. If you were a baby in China, your internet sale could reach $ 30,000, as demonstrated by an investigation by the British radio and television network, BBC.

The best price in one’s life is what we can set ourselves. And this is precisely what happens when we talk about life insurance. The “price” to your life is set by you through a contract. There are multiple ways to calculate it.

This amount can be the equivalent of two years of your income, plus the financial obligations your family has, such as bank debts, mortgages and your children’s future university studies. But that is just a guide.

You can set the amount you want, as long as you can pay the fees that the insurer establishes in the contract. These companies have different scales to establish such monthly premiums.

The difference between life insurance and the examples presented above is that you know for sure how much your loved ones will receive if you lose your life being insured. There are relatives who have received $ 350,000, for contracts whose premiums revolved around $ 49 per month.
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