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How to avoid mistakes when hiring a handyman?

How to avoid mistakes when hiring a handyman? Home sweet home we usually say when we arrive at the tranquility of our home and we enjoy the family and the comfort that little by little we have been creating.
However, over time, we have to improve comfort and for this, we have to remove a wall to enlarge the room, renovate the bathrooms, completely change the kitchen, make a guest room or build a swimming pool. It is not a secret for anyone that the execution of these jobs always involves some risk and, to avoid them, we offer you some tips to use when hiring someone.

  1. Know what you want
    Sit down with your partner and study well what you want to do. Look at the different variants, catalogs, and magazines. Find out about new trends and decorations online. There are many people who post videos on YouTube that can give you ideas.
  2. Look for recommendations
    Go to that friend or family member who knows it all. Or the friend who has just renovated his house or works in the renovation sector. Ask for help so that you can hire the right person. Ask them to share their experience with you.
  3. Take different estimates
    When you have multiple recommendations, ask three or four contractors for quotes. Decide on who best suits what you want, fits your budget, has more chemistry with you, and looks more professional. Take into account if you have liability insurance.
  4. Write a contract
    I know it sounds strict, but it is the best way to avoid misunderstandings. My grandmother used to say “little piece of paper keeps your tongue.” The contract must establish what is going to be reformed, the materials to be used, the equipment to be installed, the term of execution of the works, and the form of payment.
  5. Payment
    Never pay more than 50% before starting the reform. Here another saying applies: “Paid musician plays bad son”. It is advisable to 15% or 20% of the budget at the beginning and then makes gradual payments, as the work is carried out. Save 10% for the end, until you check that everything works and it was as you wanted. Ask for an invoice for the payment. It is very useful for any claim.
  6. Clarify the extra work
    The Spanish call it: “pos ya que”. Well, since you removed the wall, why not build a column here. Those extra jobs that arise in the heat of the work are not budgeted. Therefore, if the contractor agrees to do them, you must immediately agree on how much it will cost and how it will influence the development of the other tasks.

Once the work is finished, if the changes have been major, you should notify your insurance company. How to avoid mistakes when hiring a handyman?

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