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How to calculate the safety distance?

How to calculate the safety distance? It is very frequent when driving through the congested streets of Miami, to see two or three accidents. Especially at rush hour. The surprising thing is that they are collisions between vehicles that are headed in the same direction. The car in front brakes suddenly, the driver behind doesn’t have time to react and it hits him.
These crashes add more congestion to the roads. In addition, they increase the desperation of other drivers who want to reach their destination on time and accelerate as soon as they have the opportunity. An action that increases the risk of new accidents and feeds the dangerous vicious cycle.
Although it is no secret to any motorist that it is necessary to keep the famous safety distance between vehicles, it must be recognized that there are many doubts about how to achieve it.
To be all on the same rope, we define The safety distance as the space that must be maintained between two cars that circulate in the same lane in the same direction in order to avoid accidents.
It is curious that many drivers are unaware that the safety distance is not measured in meters or in feet. It is measured in time. That is, it is counted in seconds and we explain why.
It is not the same to go a distance of six feet from the previous car at 15 miles per hour as to do it when driving at 45 miles per hour. The more speed, the less reaction capacity. Regardless of the quality of your vehicle’s brakes and that you are “the barbarian on the tracks”, if you are driving very close to the car in front and it brakes, you have a great chance of crashing into it.
So how to calculate the safety distance?
There is a very simple trick for this. You must look at a fixed point on the road -a light pole or a sign- and when the vehicle that precedes you passes this, count in your mind, 1101, 1102 -two and a half seconds will have passed- If you arrive at the mark before to finish counting, you are very close. You are not keeping a safe distance. Therefore, you should slow down. If you hit the mark, when you’re done counting, it’s all good. Keep that distance. This only works for cars, trucks, and vehicles with trailers must keep an even greater distance.
In short, even if you have purchased a very cheap car policy with Univista Insurance, it is advisable to drive defensively to avoid accidents, injuries, and well-known property damage. Now you know how to stay away from danger. How to calculate the safety distance?

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