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How to celebrate a BBQ party; responsibly?

How to celebrate a BBQ party; responsibly and safely? During this time of vacations, families and friends frequently gather at parties around the typical barbecue, children enjoy the pools and the celebration lasts well into the early hours of the morning.
These parties are attended by close friends and friends of our friends that we hardly know. Everyone is welcome to have a good time.
When having a party at your house, you can rest assured, generally your insurance policy covers you in the event of a fire event, if a guest becomes ill due to ingestion of spoiled food, if your dog bites someone or if any person slips and falls to the ground during the celebration.
Your homeowner’s insurance can even cover you if someone takes advantage of the party to rob your home. Of course, for this, you must have the inventory of your belongings updated and when you notice the lack, you only have to report it to your insurance company.
If you are going to serve alcohol, you should review your policy, it may be that damage caused by alcohol is not covered. Also, if any of your guests have drunk, it is essential that they do not drive home. You must call him a taxi. Keep in mind that if that person has an accident and has consumed alcohol in your home, you can be sued. How to celebrate a BBQ party; responsibly and safely?
We do not want to spoil the party, our only purpose is that you have a happy and safe celebration.

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