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How to deal with the homeowner’s insurance market?

How to deal with the homeowner’s insurance market? Starting next May 23, for at least three days, Florida legislators will meet in Tallahassee, in an Extraordinary Session, to try to find a solution to the irregularities that occur in the property insurance market in the Sunshine State.
According to the Office of Insurance Regulation, Florida accounts for 79% of the nation’s lawsuits against insurers, the state’s insurance premiums are one of the highest in the nation, and insurers record more than one billion claims. dollars in losses per year. In this environment, this year, more than four major insurers declared insolvency, and others have stopped signing new contracts, so the market has become very difficult for customers, many of whom are forced by their creditors to insure their property.
If you find yourself at this crossroads and don’t know where to turn to insure your home, don’t sit around waiting for the solution to come from Tallahassee, call Univista Insurance, which works with multiple insurers and their expert agents will help you find insurance with the most solid and reliable company in the market. How to deal with the homeowner’s insurance market?
If you are in the process of buying a home, we recommend that you contact one of Univista Insurance’s experts as soon as possible. Remember that for the authorization of the closing of the purchase, you must present a property insurance contract.

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