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How to maximize my dental insurance coverage?

How to maximize my dental insurance coverage? Most dental insurance includes an annual limit. It is the amount of money that the insurer will cover for treatments over a year. Upon reaching this maximum, the insured is responsible for paying in full for the treatments that she needs until the end of the year.
Dental insurance is generally limited to coverage between $1,000 and $1,500 per year. This means that if your doctor tells you that you need a root canal and a crown, you will most likely go over that limit and you will end up paying half of the treatment without any discount, despite having insurance.
But this does not have to be like this. You can plan the treatments, taking into account the maximum of your coverage. To do this, you can talk to your dentist and ask him to schedule your appointment for the end of the year and the beginning of the next. The objective of this planning is to be able to combine the two annual coverage maximums. In other words, if the root canal costs $3,000, you can start treatment in November or December and benefit from the $1,500 coverage of your current plan and continue treatment in January and benefit from the other $1,500 of the following year.
If you haven’t reached your plan’s maximum limit and need expensive treatment, it’s time to call your dentist to make plans and save a lot of money. Of course, this can only be done if you have dental insurance. How to maximize my dental insurance coverage?

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