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How to prevent your Jet Ski from ruining your summer?

They finally opened up the beaches of South Florida. It is already possible to enjoy the sea again, the same from the white sand, as sailing on a jet ski.

Social media is red hot. Friends exchange photos and videos where they appear setting up their equipment.

They carefully check the motors for fluid leaks, check to see if the battery posts are tight, if there is no corrosion, and see that the battery electrolyte is at its proper levels.

The most experienced will suggest to the youngest that they should also “check the condition of the engine air filters”, check “to see if there is any water loss”. And of course “do not forget to measure the oil level.”

Everything is ready and it is time to go sailing. But this preparation lacks a fundamental piece, the only one capable of guaranteeing the entire team and its rider: They have left out the jet ski insurance.

This is not an insignificant oversight, since Florida has the largest number of vessels in the entire country. In 2018 alone, there were 658 boating accidents, where unfortunately 59 people died and 307 were injured, according to data from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.

The important thing, before going out to sail the seas, is to have a Jet Ski insurance (PWC, personal watercrafts), which collect any damage caused by the motorcycle. This policy can cover both fuel spills, medical bills after an accident, the services of a tow truck to remove the damaged motorcycle and the damages suffered by another person due to the motorcyclist.

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