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How to restore your home after a flood?

How to restore your home after a flood? The sight of a flooded house is terrible. The water that enters the property brings mud, branches, dirt; it’s contaminated. Depending on the scale of the flood, furniture, appliances, home systems, walls, floors, doors get damaged, the interior of walls gets wet, creating a breeding ground for mold growth.
The first step to restore the property is to notify the flood insurance. The insurer will explain what is covered according to the contract, how to file a claim, the evidence you need to provide of the damage, photos, images, and invoices.
Next, you need to try to remove the water and mud from your house, either by hiring a professional cleaning company to pump out the water, remove debris, and extract everything that is unusable. Then, you should contact a contractor to assess the work that needs to be carried out. You will likely need to replace the floor, break open and ventilate the walls, remove old insulation for new, fix broken and misaligned doors, disinfect the house, and repaint.
You’ll also need to hire a qualified electrician to inspect the electrical system, outlets, dishwasher, electric stove, oven, refrigerator, and of course, the air conditioning system. This professional, besides preventing electrical hazards, will guide you on what can be done with each of the appliances in the house and the repairs that need to be undertaken.
In many cases, it’s impossible to immediately inhabit a house that has been flooded with contaminated water until it’s completely dried and disinfected. A process that can last several weeks. During that time, you’ll have to find a place where you and your family can live.
Can you imagine having to face all these expenses out of your own pocket? Well, that’s what would happen if you don’t have flood insurance that protects you in each of the steps you need to take after a flood. Call Univista Insurance and get affordable yet efficient flood insurance. How to restore your home after a flood?

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