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Hurricane season begins

Hurricane season begins. We all remember the classic childhood tale “The Three Little Pigs,” which teaches us the importance of being prepared before the Big Bad Wolf tries to blow our house down. This lesson is especially relevant for homeowners in Florida. While we’re not bracing for a wolf, we’re preparing for something even more formidable: hurricane season. According to meteorologists, this season is predicted to be 170% more active than usual.
New homeowners or those facing their first hurricane season in Florida might wonder where to start. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th.
First, inspect the surroundings of your home. Check for trees that need trimming to prevent branches from damaging your house during high winds. Look for any sick, rotten, or dangerously positioned trees that strong gusts could uproot. Remove these hazards before they become a threat.
Ensure nearby drains are not clogged. If you need more clarification, contact city workers to inspect them. If you have leftover materials like wood, paint cans, or bricks from recent home projects, dispose of them before the heavy rains and winds arrive.
Designate a space in your home to store patio furniture, potted plants, and garden ornaments when a hurricane or storm is imminent. These items can become dangerous projectiles in strong winds.
Another helpful tip is to check the condition of your roof and gutters. Ensure there are no broken or missing shingles and no leaks. Now is the time to replace missing shingles and make necessary repairs—clear leaves and branches from your gutters to ensure proper drainage.
Windows is another critical element to inspect. Ensure each closes appropriately and prevents water or wind from seeping through. Fix any issues, apply sealant, or replace faulty locks.
If you use storm shutters to protect your property, locate them ahead of time and ensure you have all the necessary screws and bolts for installation.
Finally, and importantly, review your homeowner’s insurance policy. Understand your coverage, and if you have any questions, contact a Univista Insurance advisor. Remember, if any preparations fail and a hurricane causes damage, this policy will be your safety net.
In summary, act like the wise little pig and prepare your house before the Big Bad Wolf arrives. Hurricane season begins.

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