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I am freelance, do I need commercial insurance?

I am freelance, do I need commercial insurance? With the development of new technologies, the work of freelancers has proliferated more than ever. Today any video game designer, concept artist, software designer, accountant, writer, journalist, or translator can work from wherever they please and with as many clients as they can serve.
Not forgetting those who exercise more traditional trades such as masseur, carpenter or painter who can also be classified as freelancers, if they work on their own.
These free souls are not only responsible for the result of the work they do, or to pay their taxes and their own social security, at the same time they must protect their interests, their business, their reputation, and their assets with commercial insurance.
Imagine that you work for a client and a computer attack hijacks all the content of your work or access to your own information. Or, if you are a masseuse and when you visit a client you break a super expensive vase when trying to place the table.
What if you receive an unpublished literary work to translate and a hacker seizes it and exposes it to the public? How would you face a lawsuit for damages?
As you can see, being freelance does not free you from the serious dangers that any entrepreneur usually runs, threats that can mean the end of your dream of freedom and autonomy.
The remedy is to have special commercial insurance for freelancers that covers your civil liability, professional mistakes that you may commit, your assets, and many other unforeseen damages. I am freelance, do I need commercial insurance?
At Univista Insurance you can contact insurance specialists and they will make you a policy that protects your entire business so that you can continue working freely.

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