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I can’t find insurance to finish buying my house

I can’t find insurance to finish buying my house. In the idyllic world, homeowners insurance is optional, just as the COVID vaccine is optional in those places where you must be vaccinated to go to a restaurant, a movie theater, or work. That is, for any person who buys a property through a mortgage, the lender will require you to have homeowner’s insurance, regardless of whether it is not a legal requirement.
That said, no one should doubt the importance of having insurance that protects your biggest investment. Coverage that helps you repair or replace your home and your belongings if they are razed or damaged by a covered event: fire, lightning, hurricane, theft, vandalism, etc.
The problem we currently have in South Florida is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an insurer willing to protect our home for a reasonable price. Or even willing to protect the house in general. It is common to see many home purchase operations interrupted because the new owners fail to prove that they have insurance for the property they intend to buy. Everyone runs, everyone involved is nervous, but the insurance still doesn’t show up, and the operation can’t go through.
To do?
In these turbulent times, it is important to involve an experienced insurance agent in the home buying process. From the beginning! Above all, well-trained specialists, such as those at Univista Insurance, who work with the best insurers in the market and can search their portfolio for the one that best suits their needs. I can’t find insurance to finish buying my house.
As a great friend says: “experiments are made with Coca Cola”, for serious things and in complicated moments, like the current ones, seek the advice of a specialist from Univista Insurance if you really want your closing operation to take place without the biggest setbacks.

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