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I have a scooter, do I need to have insurance?

I have a scooter, do I need to have insurance? In recent times, more and more scooters are being seen on the roads in Florida. We see them, up and down the street, small and proud, immune to traffic jams. We could speculate at length about what caused this scooter fever, and justify it with clichés such as the influx of new migrants, inflation, gas prices, a sudden trend, or millennial lifestyle. Without a study behind it, it would be speculation, but what leaves no room for interpretation is the large number of these artifacts involved in traffic accidents. So, the question arises: Do scooters need insurance to ride in Florida?
Florida law does not require insurance for mopeds or scooters. When registering them, motorcyclists are not required to present any type of insurance as with four-wheeled automobiles.
However, if you cause an accident while driving your scooter and are sued, you will be responsible for the damages caused.
Although studies show that wearing a helmet reduces mortality by 35% and brain injuries by 65%, the law does not require you to wear one when riding a motorcycle, only eye protection.
It is smart for anyone who uses a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation to have insurance that protects them from financial liability in an accident, and to wear a helmet. The fact that they are not mandatory does not mean they are useless protections, nor does it exempt you from liability for damages caused, nor does it make you immune to injuries you may suffer.
Finally, at Univista Insurance, you can purchase cheap motorcycle insurance that allows you to protect your personal finances. I have a scooter, do I need to have insurance?

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