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I own a mobile home, do I need insurance?

I own a mobile home, do I need insurance? About 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, whose fundamental difference from a traditional house is that they are built in a factory and rest on a chassis. Mobile or manufactured homes need insurance just like any other home. This typically covers your structures, and personal property, and protects the owner from potential liability lawsuits.
By contracting insurance, the structures of the house will be protected from damage by hail, fire, lightning, acts of vandalism, or theft. If the house is made up of several structures, such as a terrace or garage, these will also be covered in a standard policy.
Like traditional home insurance, mobile home insurance will protect you from any lawsuit against you for damage or injury to others or their property. For example, if your neighbor’s child falls while climbing on the roof of your house, the insurance policy would cover you from a liability claim. Same thing if your dog bites the postman.
The rate of the insurance policy will depend on the value of the house, the materials that have been used in its construction, the date of manufacture, the history of claims, its location, and the security devices that it has installed and permanently monitored. by a security company.
As you may have noticed, we have used mobile homes or manufactured home interchangeably, because, since June 1976, the Department of Housing and Urban Development considers all mobile homes to be manufactured.
You know, if you’ve decided to buy a manufactured home, you too can have insurance to protect your investment. I own a mobile home, do I need insurance?

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