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“In case something bad happens to me”

“In case something bad happens to me” is the euphemism used by those who play with the idea of ​​taking out life insurance in order to financially protect their family, in case they die.
As they peel off the daisy, a question haunts their head: is it the right time to buy life insurance?
The answer is simple, the time is right now. If you already have the concern, if the idea haunts you, stop what you are doing and take out life insurance.
I am going to warn you absolutely: there is no better time to buy life insurance than right now. I explain why.
You will never be younger than today and you will probably never be healthier than you are today.
It is no secret that both health and age affect the price of life insurance policies. So the coverage will not be cheaper as you get older and, much less when diseases or ailments of age begin to appear.
I give you an example, a healthy 30-year-old person with two children can pay for life insurance, let’s say, about $ 20 a month. If that same person, within two months, is found to have cancer or survives a heart attack, the same type of insurance may be priceless. Or maybe the insurers refuse to accept you as a customer.
If you are thinking of protecting your family and you are a young and healthy person, take advantage and call Univista Insurance. Perhaps by paying $ 25 a month you can buy life insurance with a death benefit of more than $ 200,000.
Now with a little humor: if something were to happen to you, for your children, your loss could be the closest thing to winning the lottery. Someone might even shout in the middle of the funeral: I’m rich: the old man left me $ 300,000!

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