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In Florida we are safer if we live in a submarine

In Florida, we are safer if we live in a submarine. They say that the first submarine was created in Spain in 1868 by a scientist, a Spanish military sailor, named Isaac Peral. He received authorization from Queen Regent María Cristina to create this submersible weapon during the crisis between the Kingdom of Spain and Germany for possession of the Carolinas Islands, an archipelago located in the Pacific. A crisis that, luckily, did not become a conflict thanks to the mediation of Rome.

In fact, four years before Peral’s invention, in America, during the Civil War, the Confederate submersible Hunley sank the Yankee ship USS Housatonic. But, unlike the Spanish submarine, which had an electric motor, the Hunley was powered by human traction.

Whatever the first submarine, the truth is that these are boats that, thanks to the ingenuity of man, submerge and can operate underwater. The secret is that they have a mechanism that allows them to remain watertight and move through the deep sea.

Unlike a submarine, houses were created to shelter us on the surface of the earth. We live in them, treasure most of our belongings, and develop our family life.
Most Florida homes lack the mechanism submarines have to make themselves watertight when in an aquatic environment. The houses, on the other hand, are vulnerable to the rising waters.

If an inch of water gets into a house, much of its electrical circuits, hardwood floors, rugs, and furniture can be damaged. In short, it would cause a disaster of several thousand dollars. In Florida, we are safer if we live in a submarine.

If you live in Florida, faced with the constant threat of the waters, the solution to protect your property may be to provide it with a mechanism such as submarines or simply purchase a flood insurance policy from Univista Insurance.

While it is true that with a policy you would not prevent your property from being flooded, at least you would get enough money to repair all the damage caused by the waters.

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