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Insurance for bad times

Insurance for bad times. About 70 million Americans have some type of cardiovascular disease. Among them, 14 million have survived a heart attack. According to statistics, every 33 seconds a person suffers a heart attack. In other words, 1.4 million attacks occur each year.
Cancer figures are equally alarming. In 2019 alone, more than 1.7 million Americans contracted the disease. Cancer survivors exceed 9.6 million people.
Stroke is the third leading cause of death in the US. With one happening every 45 seconds, that’s more than 700,000 Americans due to have a stroke this year.
Modern medicine allows more and more people to survive both cancer, stroke, and heart attack.
But, surviving these ailments does not guarantee that the affected person can return to the life they led before the disease. Therefore, those who suffer from these critical illnesses are specially protected by life insurance.
We know that the objective of life insurance is to guarantee a financial benefit to the relatives who survive us. However, if a person buys life insurance with a living benefit and unfortunately gets cancer or has a stroke and survives, they can benefit from their own life insurance and get part of the money from their death benefit, for whatever they need. . Either to pay for the very expensive services and care that he will have to receive or to make up for the salary that he cannot now take home.
The same would happen in the case of suffering from a terminal or chronic disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Epilepsy, AIDS, or Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few examples.
As you hear, with current life insurance with a living benefit, the insured has the possibility of receiving part of that death benefit that his loved ones would enjoy in the event of his death. An advantage to take into account when hiring one of these insurances. It is a practical way of thinking about our loved ones, without forgetting ourselves.
At Univista Insurance you can purchase the cheapest life insurance on the market. Insurance for bad times.

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