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Home Insurance in Miami – Florida

A house is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Homeowners insurance is therefore essential to protecting your investment against the possibility of calamity and the ensuing financial disaster. You merely buy a house but you can lose your home and Univista Insurance recognizes the difference.

Your home consists of more than just your house. A home includes the things and structures in your yard, the equipment in your garage, the vase and photos on the dining room table. Univista home insurance allows you to protect every part of your home and allows you to enjoy a greater sense of security.

Any mortgage company will require that you carry adequate insurance in order to satisfy their loan amount. A Florida homeowner insurance policy not only protects your home and contents against fire, theft, natural disasters and many unforeseen damages, it also contains liability coverage for injury or damage that may be caused to others on your property. A well planned homeowner insurance policy will also allow for the payment of rent and other expenses incurred while you are unable to live in your home.

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Auto Insurance Miami – Florida

Univista Insurance has become one the fastest growing Insurance Agency in South Florida. This has been possible thanks to the quality customer service provided, the professionalism and knowledge of our employees and the excellent discounts offered on car insurance in Miami! UniVista Insurance has revolutionized the way insurance is sold in Miami, offering great prices with prestigious companies and no upfront fees. The main product for UniVista Insurance without doubt is “Auto Insurance” this has established Univista Insurance in South Florida market and has widened our coverage to homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

The State of Florida requires you to carry a minimum coverage for your vehicle or better. These requirements are $10,000 for bodily injury or death to one person.

You also need $20,000 of coverage for injury or death to more than one person, and $10,000 coverage for property damage. This is better known as (PIP) personal injury protection.

The State of Florida is a no fault state, so you should discuss policies with a Univista auto insurance agent about your current policy, just to make sure your insurance policy will give you the coverage you need. You don’t want to have an accident that leaves your vehicle unrepaired, when you thought your car insurance covered everything.

If you bought a new or used car and financed it, there are many other types of coverage you may need, beyond the minimum requirements. You will likely have to have full coverage plus gap coverage to fully protect the vehicle in an accident. Gap insurance will pay off the loan on the vehicle and you will not be responsible for the loan amount if your vehicle is totaled. You can get quotes auto insurance; your car insurance agent from Univista will have all the details.

Commercial Insurance Miami – Florida

Commercial insurance liability and professional liability coverage may consider a great variety of insurances, such as auto insurance (commercial insurance vehicle) for fleet vehicles, general liability insurance, commercial property insurance (condominiums, large buildings, warehouses, etc.), products liability, directors and officers liability insurance, etc.

Employers also have a legal responsibility to make the workplace safe for their employees. However, accidents do happen, even when every reasonable safety and accident prevention measure has been taken.

In order to better protect employers from lawsuits which may result from workplace accidents and to provide medical care and compensation for lost income to employees which may be hurt in workplace accidents, businesses may be required to buy worker’s compensation insurance.

Insurances for small business are affordable and a good solution to protect your business. We provide all kind of commercial insurances to guarantee an optimal coverage and protection for your employees, belongings and properties.

Univista is ready to assist you in identifying all your potential commercial and professional coverage needs. Please contact us for additional information.

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