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Is it Convenient to Renew?

The enrollment period for Obamacare 2021 begins on November 1. Many of those enrolled in the marketplace medical plans have already begun to receive notifications to renew their policies automatically.

It is a very comfortable option since there is practically nothing to do. But it may not be the most beneficial for you and your family.

Although your medical plan maintains the same price and the same conditions, it happens that every year around these dates new insurance providers can enter the market. And these companies could bring better conditions and better prices.

It could also happen that one of the old providers in the market improves the conditions of your plan and if you switch, then you would enjoy these benefits. Perhaps you could pay a lower premium, or with the same premium have a less deductible when you use medical services.

We know that new insurers are entering Florida this year. It’s just a matter of studying them and seeing if they are your best option.

I know it will seem cumbersome, but all you have to do is contact a specialized Univista Insurance agent. And this, with a lot of patience and professionalism, will present you with a plan that is just tailored to your needs and that has greater benefits.

My best advice is not to automatically renew and call Univista Insurance first.

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