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Is my car protected from hail damage?

Is my car protected from hail damage? Tom Perez, who lives in Orlando, woke up at dawn to the noise of hail hitting the windows and roof of his house.
The next day, after verifying that nothing had been damaged on his property, he was horrified to see that his car had broken glass and was completely dented. And to top it all, the insurance declared it a total loss….
Usually, after a hailstorm, the worst part is taken by cars parked in the open. Sometimes the size of a baseball, these ice balls shatter windshields and dent your bodies. Sometimes they suffer so much damage that it is more expensive to repair them than to buy another car. Some owners want to know if their car is protected from damage from this particular weather phenomenon.
If you have an insurance policy that includes comprehensive or comprehensive coverage in English, -which by the way, can cost less than 130 dollars a year-, your car will be protected against the damages suffered after the collision with an animal, a disaster natural, fire, vandalism, theft, as well as objects that fall on it, including hail balls.
For people who are financing a car payment, surely the lender will have forced them to buy collision and comprehensive coverage. Is my car protected from hail damage?
If you buy your car in cash or have finished paying for it, it is recommended that you maintain or include comprehensive coverage in your car insurance due to the great protection it offers.
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