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Is my employer’s life insurance sufficient?

Is my employer’s life insurance sufficient? A husband came home very distressed and the woman asked him: “Pepe, what’s wrong with you?” The husband replied: “You will not believe what just happened to me. He was on the scaffold with Manolo and Raúl, painting the facade on the 10th floor of a building. Suddenly he gave me a stomachache, I got off the scaffold and went to the bathroom. Being in the bathroom I felt a great noise. All the masons ran. Raúl and Manolo had fallen off the scaffolding. The poor were shattered ”.
“Poor people and they leave a family with several children,” said the woman sadly.
To which the husband exclaimed: “The owner of the company has behaved very well. He had taken out life insurance for us and each widow received a million dollars ”.
The woman opened her eyes, looked at the husband, and said with resignation.
And you in the bathroom, Pepe. You in the bathroom ”.
In a humorous way, we wanted to reflect on the importance of having life insurance. Actually, business life insurance, while useful, rarely exceeds $ 100,000 in profit. Think about it, what if you die in an accident and your loved ones receive $ 100,000? Do you think that amount will be enough to pay the mortgage or the family’s debts? Most likely not.
Regardless of whether the company has group life insurance for its workers, you must take care of acquiring your own policy that covers the real risks that your loved ones may face, in the event of your death. Be it a mortgage payment, your children’s college studies or your home debts, or a way to substitute the salary you contribute for at least one year.
On the other hand, if you are young and healthy, buying good life insurance would cost you very little money. So if the worst were to happen to him, her wife would not have to envy the widows of those poor joke bricklayers. Is my employer’s life insurance sufficient?
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