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Is renters insurance worth it?

It is not always possible to buy a property. The reasons may be different, the credit status, the income we have, or the monstrous debts we have accumulated.

That is why living for rent for many, more than an option, is a necessity.

What happens if lightning reduces the house where you rented to ashes?

You simply lose everything and have to start over. Even if the owner of the house has it insured, her insurance does not cover the personal belongings of the tenants. To recover the losses, you will have no choice but to go to the credit card or use the savings that you had accumulated and buy your furniture and appliances again.

But a tenant does not have to remain in such a vulnerable position. It is possible to insure all of your personal property through insurance known as apartment or renters insurance.

These policies cover personal effects such as television, computer, furniture, cell phones, clothing, wine cellar, bicycles, pictures, printers, video game devices, everything that the house contains.

What’s more, if your car glass is smashed and your cell phone or computer is stolen, your renter’s insurance will cover them. Regardless of whether, at the time of the theft, the car is in the garage of your rented house or at your workplace.

If one day you arrive at your apartment and see that the door has been forced and everything has been stolen, do not be bitter. After calling 911, go to your insurance company and it will return the stolen amount, according to what you have in the contract.

No more anxiety, insure your personal assets and remember that the option is Univista Insurance. For less than you imagine, you will have insured everything that you have been acquiring with the fruit of your work.

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