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Is the business protected during the holiday season?

Is the business protected during the holiday season? The celebration for Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of the Christmas festivities that will not end until January. It is a long season of family gatherings, parties, meals, and business lunches. Colleagues who have worked side by side for a year celebrate by sprucing up the office, warehouse, or store. All the businesses are filled with lights, inflatable dolls, large decorations, and festive music. “Here, a Christmas tree, there, a large chandelier, we are all celebrating.”
With so much revelry, we cannot ignore that one of the great risks of Christmas is both domestic and business fires. A large Christmas tree has been seen placed in the lobby of a building, which, when it dries up, catches fire with the spark from a poorly installed cable.
Business owners must be very vigilant and maintain strict safety rules in all the facilities that are made these days. If they use natural trees, “because their fragrance is very pleasant” they must be installed outdoors. Never inside a closed area. The candles that accompany the Christmas decorations, it is better that they are false.
On the other hand, if you host a party where alcohol is served, remember that the host bears the responsibility for any problems that inebriated people may cause, even if they end up in a car accident.
It is advisable to keep the staff under control, suggest designated drivers or ask for taxi services. It is very important to review your commercial insurance policy to see if it covers an incident related to alcohol and parties.
Party, but don’t let the celebration among colleagues take a big toll on your business. Is the business protected during the holiday season?

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