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Dental health for pregnant women?

Is the dental health of pregnant women more vulnerable? It is deeply ingrained in our culture that women suffer more dental health problems during pregnancy. Although it seems like a myth, it is true and everything has a scientific explanation.
During pregnancy, changes occur in the oral cavity of women. Many suffer from gum inflammation called gingivitis gravidarum, caused by changes in hormone levels that affect the blood vessels of the gums, plaque bacteria, and the local immune system.
Pregnant women with gingivitis or periodontitis are at increased risk of having a premature birth or giving birth to a child with low birth weight.
Pregnant women can also suffer from the appearance of granitic granuloma, which is a kind of red mass on the gums that bleeds easily. It is a benign tumor that usually regresses after childbirth.
Some cavities also appear during pregnancy. According to specialists, pregnancy itself is not the cause of cavities. However, for those women who suffer from constant vomiting, their teeth can suffer the effects of gastric acids present in vomiting, capable of damaging the enamel of these. For this reason, it is recommended to rinse your mouth well after vomiting and, if possible, add baking soda to the water.
In short, during pregnancy, it is very important to keep dental health up to date. In addition to increasing hygienic health habits, regular visits to the dentist are key to detecting any symptoms of oral pathology in time and carrying out the appropriate treatment. Is the dental health of pregnant women more vulnerable?
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