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Isaias gives us a break

The month of July ended with three storms in the Atlantic and a hurricane. Fortunately, Category 1 Isaiah became a tropical storm as it approached the Florida coast. However, meteorologists are already setting their sights on the coasts of Africa, where a new meteorological phenomenon begins to organize that could constitute the next threat from nature.

Forecasters predicted that the 2020 hurricane season, which runs from June through November 30, will be one of the busiest in recent years. The peak of it begins in mid-August until the end of October. It is during this period that more storms will form in the Atlantic.

All these data serve you so that you do not let your guard down. Discuss how she prepared to face Isaiah. Think about your failures and successes. What he overlooked when it came to ensuring the safety of his home and family.

Did you clean the downspouts from debris and branches? Did you enter the furniture and objects that the storm could project? Did you have time to prune the trees? Did you check the condition of your windows? Did you buy sandbags? Did you gather in a folder all those essential documents, passports, property titles, certificates, and licenses?

And most importantly, did you check your insurance policy to see if it is up to date, what covers you and what doesn’t?

Well, hurry up, now that you have time. This time nature took pity, but we have not yet reached the most stormy moment of this season.

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