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It’s time for spring cleaning

It’s time for spring cleaning. Here is the time of year when we usually give our house a deep cleaning. Clean each room in detail, brush the tiles in the bathrooms or leave the refrigerators like new. It is about pouring water and scrubbing doors and windows to welcome spring.
But this general cleaning is not a matter of a day, nor does it start crazy. It must be planned and if we turn it into a family event it is much better. Therefore, the first step should be to schedule the day, choose the right weekend, and, depending on the type of house, create a cleaning route. Start with the kitchen, then the bathrooms, the bedrooms, etc.
The next step is to see if we have the necessary instruments and cleaning products so that, once we start, there is no need to interrupt to “go get the stairs at Alberto’s house”, or “pressure cleaner is not here to clean the terrace and windows outside”. Nor should you ignore the security measures in case you use any chemical product.
Now that you have everything in mind, you can jump right into the kitchen. For example, remove all the products from the refrigerator, clean its interior, wash the vegetable drawers, change the water filter and throw away everything that has expired. The oven is another of the elements that we lag the most when it comes to cleaning it thoroughly since we must remove all the grills, add detergent and wear gloves to leave it as good as new. A lot of greases accumulate around the smoke extractors, which can be flammable. You have to degrease them, change the filters and, in this way, avoid possible fires.
In the rooms, you have to wash the curtains, and the bedspread, and clean the ceiling fan. Vacuum the rugs, flip the mattress, and wash the pillows. Take the opportunity to throw clothes out of the closet, or better donate them or give them to a friend. Do not forget to clean well under the bed and behind the nightstands.
In the case of the bathrooms, we have to remove all the brands of soap and shampoo that the tiles have. Wash the shower curtain, take out all the medicines from the medicine cabinet and throw away the expired ones. It is time to thoroughly wash the joints of the bathtub, remove the old silicone, and put in a new one. In addition to the aesthetic contribution, it prevents moisture from penetrating inside the walls and mold from forming.
The main objective of this cleaning is to renew ourselves, get rid of everything that is left over, the useless, and everything that we find expired in the pantries. It’s time for spring cleaning.
So our house will be ready, shiny, and, of course, safer.

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