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It’s time to change the wheels of your truck

It’s time to change the wheels of your truck. Tires on cargo trucks are of extraordinary importance. In addition to allowing the vehicle to move forward and supporting the weight of the goods, they constitute a basic safety element that can often save the life of the carrier. Therefore, a tire in poor condition must be replaced as soon as possible.
What are the main signs that indicate that the truck tire needs to be changed?
tread depth
The tire tread must not be less than 1.6 millimeters deep. A wheel gauge helps to see the depth correctly. You can also choose to take your truck to a nearby shop and have them check the tread depth to make sure it’s correct.
wear indicator bar
All new tires will have wear indicators inside the treads and they will be barely visible on new tires. As the tires wear down, they will begin to appear. If you can see them when checking the wheels, it is a sign that the tread is low. Therefore, it is time to replace them.
bumps on the tire
Many times the outer surface of the tires will experience bumps or bumps. Indicates that this part of the rubber has weakened and could burst. It’s time to change them to avoid a serious accident.
Other times, the damage occurs on the side of the wheels, where cracks or grooves appear. It is a sign that your tires are leaking and can explode at any time. Without thinking twice, you must change them before they burst.
Excess vibration
When someone is used to driving the truck, they can detect if the truck suddenly starts to vibrate more than usual during the journey. One of the causes can be an unbalanced tire or some unseen problem. You should go to a shop to have it checked. It’s time to change the wheels of your truck.
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