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Life insurance, a family affair

Life insurance, a family affair. One of the most common reactions of young married couples, when a child is born, is to purchase life insurance that protects the child, in case something happens to the parents. However, this contract is almost always obtained by the member of the couple who contributes the most financially.
The one who stays at home, caring for the children, is generally not interested in purchasing life insurance. If we think of the worst, which is the goal of insurance, and the member of the couple who is caring for the children dies, the surviving parent would have to pay to replace the care of the child. However, if the deceased had life insurance, the payment of the death benefit could allow the surviving parent to take a few years off work while the family regains their balance after the loss, or it would allow them to hire someone to care for the deceased. children, without putting the financial stability of the family at risk.
Therefore, it is not a question of ensuring the parent carries the financial burden of the house, the key is to guarantee financial security to the survivors of the family. In other words, prevent the death of a member of the couple from becoming an insurmountable financial obstacle for the family. Life insurance, a family affair.
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