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Life Insurance: A Smart Financial Legacy

Life Insurance: A Smart Financial Legacy, If Built Young. People cite multiple justifications for not buying life insurance. Above all, the young people who, upon hearing about the subject, smile on their lips and shake their heads like someone who is surprised at an impossible fact. In this case death.
Of course, a young man full of life, healthy, who takes care of himself, plays sports, eats healthy, does not smoke, and recently began to earn a living after finishing a great university career, does not have among his priorities talking about life insurance. “That is a thing for old people, for sick people, for those who are on the verge of leaving this world.” By thinking like this they overlook the fact that we can all die at any time, given that the only essential factor is to be alive.
Life insurance companies know that a healthy, young person is unlikely to die. For this reason, the life insurance premium for a young person is very cheap and remains quite stable during the life of the insurance. In other words, it is an enormous advantage to acquire such a policy as a strong and healthy young man. Although he doesn’t have children yet, or his own house, or mortgage.
There are also very skeptical people who think that “I spend my whole life putting up money and when it’s needed, who pays you. I will not be there to complain.” It is that life insurance seems to many to be something foreign, from another world, however, only in 2018, insurance companies reached 19.6 billion in coverage. That same year, they paid more than 290,000 million in benefits.
Each insured is protected by a contract, which can only be rescinded in the event of fraud or misrepresentation of the contract. Life Insurance: A Smart Financial Legacy, If Built Young.
If you are young and strong, today is the best time to start investing in your financial legacy.

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