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Life Insurance, a thing for the rich?

Life Insurance, a thing for the rich? A common thought is that life insurance is for people with money. Many think that a low-income person should not worry about having one of these insurances. However, life insurance is essential for low-income people. For example, if the insured person were to die suddenly, it would cover their final expenses. That is, he would take care of the funeral and enough money would be left over so that the surviving family would be financially free for some time.
According to the National Funeral Directions Association, a burial can cost an average of $7,800 and cremation about $6,900. An amount that for a family of modest income can mean a lot of money and great deprivation. But there is more money, there is life insurance for young people, between 18 and 35 years old, whose death benefit is 100,000 dollars, paying a monthly premium of 9 dollars.
A 30-year-old could have life insurance with a $1 million death benefit by paying a premium of around $100.
In other words, making the right decision in time can mean changing the course of your family. If you weren’t lucky enough to make the financial progress you dreamed of, having life insurance is one way to ensure that your surviving loved ones can lead a financially settled life. It is a means of leaving him an interesting inheritance, which has been impossible to achieve with his labor income.
As you can see, life insurance is not a question of the rich, it is a question of intelligent people who think of the great financial benefit that they could leave their relatives in case they were absent.
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