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Life insurance: your best ally

Life insurance: your best ally. A woman came out onto the balcony and called her husband who was playing dominoes with his friends in the park across the street:
Pepe, Pepe, run, I won the lottery! I got $ 500,000!
When he heard her, Pepe ran to his house to celebrate with his wife. He was so blind with emotion that when he tried to cross the street, a car ran over him and he died instantly.
Pepe, two years earlier, had purchased life insurance to guarantee financial security for his family in the event of his death. “If something happens to me, promise me you’ll be happy,” he then said, half-jokingly and half-seriously, to his wife. What he never thought is that he was going to die in such an absurd way, but in life, there is nothing written.
Overnight, without intending to, Pepe’s widow became a millionaire. The last thing that was heard of her was a nice postcard that he sent to the neighbors months ago from Mallorca.
Nobody knows if it is a coincidence, but since Pepe’s death, his insurance agent has sold more than ten policies among the residents of the neighborhood. The reality is that people in the US take life insurance very seriously. Currently, there are some 267 million life insurance policies nationwide. Life insurance: your best ally.
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