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What Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother did not know

MIAMI.-They say that long ago, in a small European town, there was a girl that everyone called Little Red Riding Hood, since she always wore a purple cape. One day, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother sent her to her grandmother’s house to bring her some cakes.

Grandma lived alone in a small wooden house in the middle of the forest. The mother, who was very cautious, warned Little Red Riding Hood not to speak to strangers. On the way, the girl met the Big Bad Wolf and, disobeying her mother, told her where she was going.

The wolf tricked the girl into telling her that there was a shorter path to her target and the girl took it. Then, the wicked wolf went ahead, arrived at the grandmother’s house earlier and, in one bite, ate it….

Everyone knows how the story ends, but for the purposes of the idea we want to convey, we will leave it here.

Imagine that granny had had life insurance. This ending would be a little different. After that very distressing moment, her family would receive enough money for the Little Red Riding Hood’s mother to finish paying for her house, the girl would study a good career and would become a good young woman.

We will never know when an adversity that swallows us in one bite may appear in our lives. Therefore it is practical to have life insurance. Thus, if we leave this world unexpectedly, at least that our family is safe. Not surprisingly, 54% of Americans have life insurance.

Call Univista Insurance and ask about the different life insurances that exist. If your life story stops unexpectedly, you will have the peace of mind of leaving your loved ones financially covered.

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