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Teeth speak to you, are you willing to listen to them?

No pain is welcome, much less toothache. But the latter happens when we least expect it, it appears if we are on vacation, in an unknown city, on a cruise trip or during a weekend, when our dentist’s office is closed.

That is very disturbing and unfortunate. But the pains do not come out of nowhere, in most cases they warn. That tooth that is too sensitive is warning that it has a problem. There is a place between the teeth where food always stays, especially when we eat meat. That is a warning. When we pass our tongue and feel that we have a very sharp tooth. That is another warning. When cleaning our teeth with dental floss, and it always breaks or frays in the same tooth, there is another warning. Or when, when brushing, our gums bleed, because there another red light comes on.

Of course, since we live at the speed of light, we prioritize other issues and visits to the dentist take second or third plane. Especially since they are quite expensive and unpleasant.

Submerged in procrastination, comes the toothache. Ahhh! We shouted on a cruise in the middle of the sea, in a hotel, in the middle of the final exam, No, not today, please, today cannot be! Yes, that’s how impertinent toothaches are.

The best remedy is planning and prevention. For example, if you purchase dental insurance, you are forced to make preventive visits to your dentist. Most of these insurances include regular check-ups, x-rays and discounts on all dental arrangements.

Univista Insurance offers incredible dental insurance for you and your family. Don’t let more pain ruin the best day of your life.

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