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The eyes are the window to the world and to our health

In the US, more than 25 million adults have reported some type of vision loss after turning 18. Three out of four people need to wear corrective glasses.

Vision problems are a very common phenomenon in our homes. The incomprehensible thing is that we do not have a vision plan that helps us to take care of our eyes as they deserve.

By purchasing an average vision plan, you get coverage for certain eye exams and screenings. These plans could include eyeglass and contact lens assignments.

The most important thing about vision insurance is that it stimulates preventive care of the eyes and health, by planning periodic exams that allow doctors to make the necessary corrections on time.

Changes in the structure of the eyes are registered that allow us to discover diseases as serious as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and diabetes in advance.

Additionally, through routine testing, ophthalmologists are able to find future medical problems as serious as high blood pressure, some cancers, and numerous autoimmune diseases. In this way, they facilitate the early intervention of a specialist and reduce the risks or interrupt the development of some of these ills. And consequently, they save us a lot of money in future treatments.

Vision insurance can be personal or family. But to find out the details, call Univista Insurance and talk to the specialists, they will help you choose the vision insurance that is best for you and your family.

Protect your eyes, do not forget that they are our window to the world.

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