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Make your house waterproof

Make your house waterproof. Last week we were under the threat of the rains associated with tropical depression Fred. Above all, residents of Miami Beach and cities located west of the Florida peninsula, such as Pensacola. Grace also made her tour across the Atlantic. Consequently, it brought rain to the south of the state.
The Miami Beach government sought calm from its residents by reporting that it had located hydraulic pumps at different points in the city. The tropical depression Linda was also seen in the Pacific.
News like these shows Florida’s distress in the hurricane season. It is no less true that floods in the Sunshine State can occur at any time and due to multiple circumstances, but in the presence of storms or hurricanes, our attention is directed to that reality.
Florida residents by experience know that you don’t have to live in a listed high-risk area to experience flood damage. According to statistics, more than 20% of flood claims take place on properties located in low-risk areas.
It is recommended that Florida homeowners protect their homes with flood insurance, even if it is not required by their mortgagee. The typical National Flood Insurance Program, NFIP, the policy protects up to $ 250,000 for structural damage to your home and $ 100,000 for water-damaged personal belongings. However, private insurers can double and even triple these coverages. Make your house waterproof.
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