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Medicare: A plan that is just right for me

Medicare Advantage: I want a plan that is just right for me. When you are a certain age, conversations between friends always lead to the same topics: grandchildren and ailments.
It turns out that three old friends are at the house of one of them for these days of celebration and, after eating, they sit on a cool terrace to talk and drink coffee. Manolo told Roberto: “Partner, you embarked me with that Medicare plan. These people are beasts ”.
Roberto replied that, on his part, he is very happy with his Medicare Advantage plan. He explained that he has no copays for visiting his GP and specialists. “I only paid $ 25 for a colonoscopy and the plan has never denied me any of the treatments that I have to undergo.” “I pay $ 148 a month in premium and I don’t need any supplemental plans.”
“Look,” he said, “I’ve had to go to the ER twice and the plan has covered the services received. I stay with my plan, “he stressed.
However, Manolo stated that he will change plans because he uses Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs – generic drugs and preferred brand drugs – and “the plan raised my prices without notifying me.”
“Loosen up, Manolo, they always warn you. Surely you misplaced the letter in the mess that you always have in your life, ”Roberto snapped.
“Whatever it is, I change my plan. I’m not happy, ”Manolo said bitterly.
Then Ramiro, the most balanced of friends, intervened. “Gentlemen, medical plans do not work the same for everyone. There are plans that can suit one person and be horrible for another. You have to analyze the details. You have to see what prescriptions you take and if they will be covered. Same with specialists. So don’t fight over nonsense anymore, ”he demanded.
“Manolo what he has to do is find out well with an insurance advisor and find the plan that suits him. So now. How about your granddaughter? ”Said the astute friend to change the conversation.
Well yes, Manolo has until December 7 to change plans and choose one more appropriate to his needs. Medicare Advantage: I want a plan that is just right for me.
To do this, he only has to call Univista Insurance, where an insurance advisor will provide all the information about the different Medicare Advantage plans in your area to determine which is the most convenient.

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