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Moral of the classic tale “Martina the Beautiful Cockroach”

Moral of the classic tale “Martina the Beautiful Cockroach”. Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful and clean cockroach that everyone called Martina. One day, Martina the little cockroach, sweeping the house, found a penny with which she bought makeup powder. After many attempts, looking for suitors, she managed to marry the Pérez Mouse, a handsome rodent who conquered her with her promise that she would “sleep and be quiet” at night.
For years, the little cockroach and the little mouse were very happy. He went out to look for a livelihood and she took care of the household chores.
One weekend, Martina the cockroach was cooking her husband’s favorite food: onion soup, and she realized that there was no bay leaf in the house. So, she decided to go to the market to buy.
She said to her husband: “Little Mouse Pérez I need you to watch the soup that is on the fire. So that the onion does not stick, you must stir it every so often. Don’t be greedy and wait for me to come.”
Left alone, the little mouse went to the kitchen to stir the soup. Every time he saw the onion, his mouth watered so he decided to eat a little piece. Picking up the big ladle, he couldn’t bear the weight of it, and “whoosh”, he fell into the soup.
When Martina the cockroach returned, she found the terrible panorama. Her husband died of her, inside the pot.
The story says something like: “Martina the cockroach, sighs, and cries, because the little mouse Pérez fell into the pot, because of the onion candy.”
All the animals in the region felt sorry and even the queen dressed in black as a sign of mourning. Can you imagine that poor little cockroach that was pregnant, now without her husband, how was she going to look for sustenance at home?
If the tooth fairy had life insurance, his family would be financially protected and he wouldn’t have to worry. The death benefit of the insurance would be enough to pay for the house, food, health care for the family, and the studies of the future baby. So the end of the story would be different.
Don’t think twice, call Univista Insurance and protect your family with life insurance. Moral of the classic tale “Martina the Beautiful Cockroach”.

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