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My car was flooded with water, what do I do?

My car was flooded with water, what do I do? During the early hours of Friday to Saturday, June 4, torrential rains flooded several streets in South Florida. Hundreds of vehicles were trapped in the water and images were seen of cars swimming like boats, owners trying to rescue them, and desperate people, with water up to their waists, pushing their cars. “Don’t turn it on! Don’t turn it off!” How to remove a car that has suffered a flood and what are its consequences?
Water is one of the worst hazards affecting vehicles. Experts recommend never going through flooded roads where the water level is higher than half the wheels. Flood water can affect the engine, transmission, electrical system, vehicle interior, upholstery, mix with oil, and damage cooling system lines, air conditioning, and brakes. In short, leaving your vehicle totally useless.
But what do you do if suddenly, while driving, you find yourself on a flooded road? Some manufacturers recommend not stopping the engine and backing up to reach a higher area, others recommend stopping it immediately. It is best to know in advance the indications for your car model.
If the car was parked when the flood began, it is advisable to remove it from the flooded area, without starting it. Whenever safe, call a tow truck or push it away.
In the case of electric cars, although they are said to tolerate water quite well, driving them through flooded terrain can endanger the lives of their occupants. Water is a conductor par excellence of electrical current and these vehicles accumulate enough current to kill the people who occupy them.
On the other hand, the repair of flooded cars is one of the most expensive. If your vehicle was flooded, take it to your trusted mechanic to have it checked out and determine the extent of the damage. If you luckily have collision insurance and the damage is significant, call your insurer and they will take over their end of the contract. Remember to document the fact with photos and all the information you have. Keep in mind that if you decided to go into a field flooded with water, this fact may invalidate your policy.
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