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New or used car, the eternal dilemma

New or used car, the eternal dilemma. Living is constantly choosing where to go, what to eat, what to read, in short, what to do. Buying a new or used car is an infinite dilemma for people who are lucky enough to live on a salary.
For the sake of being objective, we must clarify that both decisions have their pros and cons, which here, without great pretensions, we are going to help unravel.
The decision to buy a car should be a well-thought-out act. The responsible buyer, before taking the step, should take into account several key aspects, such as assessing their financial situation and their job stability for the future. It is important to consider if you intend to acquire a home in a short time, if you plan to get married, or if it is time to have a child or even know what you want the car for.
With all these questions resolved, we then find ourselves in the original dilemma: new or used? The answer depends on each one.
The great advantage of brand new a car is, without a doubt, the peace of mind that is acquired through the warranty offered by the manufacturer. In reality, you buy five years of peace of mind. However, used cars, while cheaper, is fraught with uncertainty. The tranquility of new cars has a price that must compensate for the payment that will be made for it.
The interesting thing about the dilemma is that the correct solution is not black or white, it has many edges. For example, new cars can be devalued by up to 20% in their first year and 5% in successive years. For those who intend to have a car for one or two years and then move on to another, the best option, financially speaking, is to acquire a used car in good condition.
However, if you do not have budget problems, you are attracted to technological advances and you like to be in the latest fashion, your thing is to search the market for the car you want to release according to your personality.
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