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Obamacare: No More Surprise Bills

Obamacare: No More Surprise Bills. People who are still not convinced of the advantages of health plans under Obamacare argue that “when it comes to emergencies you have to pay a fortune.”
This argument refers to the surprise bills that a beneficiary of a medical plan receives when it is seen urgently by doctors outside the plan. Something that happens in one in five emergency room visits and between 9% and 16% of in-network hospitalizations.
But, as of January 1, 2022, a new law -No Surprises Act- came into force that protects all policyholders from so-called “surprise bills”. This means that the insured, who are treated urgently outside the plan, will not be able to receive a bill higher than the balance they would pay if the treatment had been within the plan.
The new protections in federal law also cover non-urgent care, as long as the patient is within their plan’s network of hospitals. No more extra bills to pay the anesthesiologist or specialist who are not hospital staff.
Well yes, now the plans are cheaper, more transparent, and protective than ever. Lacking health insurance is sheer recklessness. Obamacare: No More Surprise Bills.
Take advantage of this great opportunity. You have until January 15 to enroll in Obamacare 2022.

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