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Pepe, take your foot off the accelerator

Pepe, take your foot off the accelerator. In Florida, more than 500,000 speeding tickets are issued each year. If you are one of the motorists caught pressing the accelerator to the floor, you will ask yourself, what consequences does this ticket have on my car insurance?
Yes, in addition to paying the fine and increasing some points on your driver’s license, the consequences of driving above the permitted speed limit may be that your insurer makes your monthly policy premium more expensive for three or five years.
The usual increase is usually from 8 to 14%, depending on the insurance company, the age of the driver, and whether he is a repeat offender or not.
To avoid the increase in the insurance premium, the fined motorist can take a course to improve their driving. The fundamental requirement to be able to “go to school” is that speeding has not caused an accident.
It is best to look at the limits allowed on the different routes. Today, many GPS systems indicate when you are speeding.
Remember, if your wife tells you: “Pepe, take your foot off the accelerator”, listen to her. With that wake-up call, you are saving yourself a lot of money and trouble. Pepe, take your foot off the accelerator.
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