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Premium or regular: can I save by switching gasoline?

Premium or regular: can I save by switching gasoline? Filling up the tank of the car today hurts deep in the pocket. Under the current circumstances, more drivers are beginning to wonder if instead of premium they can refuel with regular gasoline.
The first thing we must clarify to those drivers whose cars do not require premium gasoline, but always use it “because it protects the engine and improves its performance” is that, according to the Federal Trade Commission, an entity that watches over the rights of American consumers, “In most cases, using gasoline with a higher octane rating than recommended in the owner’s manual offers absolutely no benefit. That is, it will not make your car run better, or go faster. Nor will it yield more miles, nor will its combustion be cleaner. Apparently, by believing in that myth, what you are really doing is throwing money away. With current prices, it is better to use the gasoline that your car requires.
On the other side of the problem, there are those whose vehicles must use premium gasoline, however, their owners want to fill up with regular gasoline, but they are afraid that this operation will damage the vehicle’s engine. The most prudent recommendation is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Wait a minute, don’t be discouraged because you could still save. Remember that the devil is in the details. Read the owner’s manual of your vehicle well and see if it says: “recommended use” or “required use”. Modern cars have a device known as ECU, (Electronic Control Unit, in English) that allows them to consume gasoline of different octane ratings.
If your car says “premium fuel recommended,” well go ahead, you can start saving a few bucks by using regular gas. However, don’t do it if the manufacturer is categorical and states: it “requires” you to use premium. Premium or regular: can I save by switching gasoline?
Definitely, in such a case, you will have no choice but to buy expensive fuel. Otherwise, using the wrong fuel could ruin your vehicle’s engine. Damage not covered by your auto insurance.

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