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Prepare the umbrella, rains and storms are coming

These days it will be umbrella time. According to forecasters, some scattered storms will form in the remainder of July in Florida and the chances of rain are quite high.

In South Florida we already know how it works: clouds in the air, floods on the ground.

If floods do occur during this rainy season, avoid driving through waterlogged areas. That common mistake is one of the leading causes of death during floods, says the Center for Disease Control.

If your house is flooded, after removing the water you should do a thorough cleaning. Remove all plaster coatings from walls that have been contaminated with water that has invaded the home.

Note that this liquid is mixed with sewage. Throw away all items you can’t wash with a bleach and detergent solution, such as rugs, mattresses, or stuffed toys. You should not consume any food that has been in contact with that water.

But the best protection against the inevitable is to have a flood policy. Please note that your homeowners insurance does not cover flood losses. And you would have to assume them with money from your pocket.

Although we are in hurricane season, fortunately so far no cyclonic disturbance has been sighted. It is the best time to take out one of these insurances before it is too late.

So if large downpours occur, your only concern is to pick up the clothes you have hanging in the yard. The rest, leave it to the insurance.

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