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Prepare the house for hurricane season

Prepare the house for hurricane season. What promises to be a very active hurricane season is just around the corner. Officially it begins on June 1, but with the heat these days it is not unreasonable to think that storms will form in the Atlantic at any time.
For those of us who live in Florida, there is no time to lose. We must prepare our houses for the season and in case a hurricane visits us, avoid greater evils.
The first thing is to prune the branches of the trees that are near the power lines, the windows, and the roof. Some companies specializing in tree trimming have the approval of the FPL company to perform this service.
Another important step is to clean the downspouts and gutters on the roof of the house. At this time of year, they should be full of dry leaves and branches, the presence of which could obstruct the flow of rainwater and cause some damage.
It is time to inspect the roof and look for missing tiles or those that are cracked. We are still in time to renew them.
It is also necessary to check and repair the window closures where water or wind can enter, and locate all the window protectors -shutters- in case it is necessary to install them before the imminent arrival of a major storm.
It’s time to plan where to place or how to secure furniture, bikes, and blunt objects that are in the yard susceptible to being thrown like a projectile by the wind.
Finally, you need to check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure that all the damage that a hurricane can cause to your home is covered. Prepare the house for hurricane season.
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