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The last day has come to change Medicare plans

Procrastinator, the last day has come to change Medicare plans. Much has been written about the causes of procrastination. The habit of deferring and postponing tasks that we must undertake for our own benefit: visiting the grandchildren, painting the house, fixing the garden, starting to exercise, having a health analysis, going to the dentist, writing a will … Now? Better tomorrow, I’ll have more time ”. “The weekend is not a good time, better early Monday.” There is always some justification for avoiding a necessary task.
Scholars say that procrastination has many causes. Among them, boredom, exhaustion, lack of motivation, or fear of not being able to fulfill it satisfactorily.
We have all procrastinated at some time, but if this attitude becomes a habit, it can have very negative consequences.
The procrastinator, unable to achieve the desired purpose, feels a guilt complex. “I told you, I shouldn’t have wasted so much time.” He may also suffer from stress, seeing that he must complete the procrastinated task more quickly and, as a consequence, the quality of the task will not be of the expected level. “Now this is going to be a mess.”
“He won’t give me time.” The other common consequence of procrastinating is an embarrassment when family and friends criticize you for being sloppy. “So-and-so, what did you waste your time on? Did you have something more important to do? ” Procrastinator, the last day has come to change Medicare plans.
Dear procrastinator, all is not lost. The deadline to change your Medicare Advantage plan is today. Drop what you’re doing and call a Univista Insurance advisor. Even if it is the last day, the advisor is not going to reproach you, on the contrary, he will help you to obtain the plan that suits you best. But if you don’t take 10 minutes to call today, you’ll have to put up with your current plan for another year.

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