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Prophylaxis: The Key to Dental Health

Prophylaxis: The Key to Dental Health. Today there are countless ways to maintain oral hygiene at a high level without relying solely on visits to the dentist. In any pharmacy or shopping center, we can find sophisticated toothbrushes, multiple types of paste, mouthwash bottles, dental irrigators, interdental floss, and a long list of wonderful products.
Despite this, specialists agree to recommend dental prophylaxis, commonly known as dental cleaning, whose main function is to prevent oral diseases.
The process is simple and detailed. Hygienists, before cleaning, study the condition of each tooth and gums to locate bacterial plaques and tartar. Above all, the one that accumulates behind the teeth and between them, in places difficult to reach with our eyes, but if they are not clean, they can be the cause of a disease.
Then they remove all the tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth and under the gum line, the place where the main periodontal diseases occur.
Once the teeth are cleaned of tartar, the hygienists proceed to remove the stains and then polish the teeth to make them look like new.
It is a process, sometimes annoying, but necessary to maintain oral health in good condition.
It is recommended that a person in good dental health visit the dentist at least once a year for a check-up and prophylactic cleaning.
It is no secret to anyone that dentists are expensive. But there is a cheaper way to care for your teeth and that is through individual or family dental insurance. Prophylaxis: The Key to Dental Health.
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