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Protect your entrepreneurial dream, and learn from Roberto’s lesson

Protect your entrepreneurial dream, and learn from Roberto’s lesson. Roberto opened a pizzeria in one of the spaces in a mall in South Florida. It had been his dream since he arrived in the US six years ago. He worked hard to build good credit and secure a bank loan for the initial investment in his cherished business, “La Nuova Vita Nuova,” a Cuban pizzeria known for its foldable pizzas… This entrepreneur owes the bank $150,000, plus interest, over seven years. But Roberto works hard and faithfully pays every month: $2,300 for the loan, $5,000 in rent, and $12,000 in wages, supplies, and insurance, to name the most significant expenses.
Everything was going well until suddenly, the city closed the street where his business was located. They were informed that the entire road would be dug up to replace water and sewer pipes. Roberto has been forced to close the shop, yet he must continue to face his debts: loans, rent, insurance, and salaries. What to do? How to get out of this?
Now Roberto recalls that moment when he negotiated the commercial insurance contract that his agent insisted on including business interruption insurance. Roberto, skeptical, rejected it with the excuse of “being overwhelmed with expenses.”
This situation exemplifies the urgent need for BOP commercial insurance, including a business interruption policy. Such insurance would have compensated Roberto for lost income during the shop’s closure, helping him cover his fixed expenses and maintain his financial stability during such a difficult period.
Roberto’s experience should be a lesson for all entrepreneurs: insuring your business against unforeseen events is essential to protecting your business dreams. To avoid facing a similar crisis, act now and secure the future of your business with robust commercial insurance that includes a business interruption policy. Protect your entrepreneurial dream, and learn from Roberto’s lesson.

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