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Protecting employees is an employer obligation

Protecting employees is an employer obligation. Rosa owns a cleaning company that operates out of a Hialeah mall. She was recently fined because in a security inspection -OSHA- it detected that the employees lacked adequate protection, multiple boxes with products were blocking the fire escapes of the premises and in the warehouse, the goods were very poorly stacked, “putting at risk the employee health ”.
“The inspector arrived, identified himself, and my ordeal began. The fine was $ 90,000 and I only have 15 days to appeal, ”said this very upset entrepreneur.
“And to top it all, the inspector said that most of the products we use are harmful to the health of employees.”
Apparently, Rosa did not take into account that the person in charge of everything that happens within her company is she and delegated the purchase of some products to a worker, “because she got them much cheaper.”
She too neglected to ensure compliance with safety regulations and did not create a safe work environment, as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, OSHA, for its acronym in English.
If reading this, you have any questions about the status of your business, contact your insurance agent to ensure that you have all the appropriate coverage for the type of business you have. Among those that must include the coverage of working compensation or insurance for compensation for accidents in the workplace, the BOP package in which some insurers include the supervision and information of OSHA standards. Protecting employees is an employer obligation.
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