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Can I get truck insurance with Univista?

Can I get truck insurance with Univista? It is fashionable to be a trucker. It is a business that lovers of independence seek in such a vast country, in which the transport of goods by road is essential. But as in any business, having insurance would avoid experiencing moments of frustration.
Generally, commercial trucking policies must include liability coverage that protects the company and its employees in the event of being involved in an accident. Said coverage would cover the bodily and property damages of third parties.
Taking into account that these road transport vehicles are a fairly expensive asset, it is also necessary to have physical damage coverage -Physical Damage Coverage- that covers the truck from the disorders it may suffer after an accident.
Traveling daily, hours, and hours, through endless roads in different cities, exposes the truck to many dangers. One of them is being the victim of an accident whose driver lacks insurance or has an insufficient policy to cover the damages caused. For these cases, there is also coverage in English called Uninsured Motorist Coverage.
The most precious element of a truck is its cargo. The carrier assumes the responsibility of taking it to its destination in good condition. Sometimes, even if all the necessary precautions are taken, fortuitous events can arise, which damage the load. One can be the victim of a robbery. For it, there is a coverage called Truck Cargo Coverage that covers the goods transported.
Owner Operator Insurance is the policy that every owner operator should have. Under it, the civil liability insurance must cover at least $ 750,000, and depending on the truck and the type of company it could reach up to $ 5 million. Can I get truck insurance with Univista?
Keep in mind that regardless of the type of truck you operate in your business, whether it be a semi-trailer, a dump truck, a garbage truck, a freight truck, or a tanker, Univista Insurance has the right staff to put together the package of commercial insurance that more protect your company financially.

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